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Trump News Today: Ohio Man in January 6 Riots Accuses Former President’s “Ominous” Conspiracy

Mitch McConnell explains why I will still support Donald Trump

The last accused in the Capitol riot to be tried blames his actions on Donald Trump and his false allegations of stolen elections, rarely mentioning the role of the former president during ongoing hearings.

Dustin Byron Thompson, an Ohio man accused of stealing a coat rack from the Capitol, did not deny joining the mob on January 6, 2021. But his lawyer promised on Tuesday to show that Mr. Trump had abused his power to “allowed” the attack.

Describing Mr Trump as a man without scruples or integrity, lawyer Samuel Shamansky said the former president was involved in a “sinister” conspiracy to encourage Mr Thompson and other supporters to “do his dirty work”.

Mr Trump, meanwhile, launched a personal attack on former National Security Council Director Fiona Hill following an interview with the New York Times in which a Russian expert accused him of “pulling Putin” after the 2020 election.

In a furious statement, Mr Trump said that if Mrs Hill did not have a British accent, “she would be nothing”.

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Former White House lawyers spoke to the commission on January 6

Two key figures in Trump’s White House are due to speak to the committee today, January 6, in what is said to be a preliminary conversation. Former White House adviser Pat Chipolone and his deputy, Pat Philbin, are widely said to have rejected some of the more radical proposals on how to overturn the 2020 outcome, including a failed plan to appoint a special lawyer – perhaps even the final one. conspiracy theorist Sidney Powell – to investigate the alleged fraud that allegedly deprived Mr. Trump of a second term.

Andrew Naughtie13 April 2022 11:40


Another rebel on January 6 blames Trump

As one man accused of allegedly participating in the Capitol Rebellion tries to accuse Donald Trump of “allowing” the attack, another wrote a letter of condolence claiming to have participated in the riot protest. in the then … “call” of the president.

Mr Trump recently said that he himself wanted to join the crowd on January 6 in their march to the Capitol and that he stayed in the White House only because the secret services stopped him from doing so.

Andrew Naughtie13 April 2022 11:08


Kelian Conway was annoyed by Trump’s approval of Oz

Many conservatives were surprised when Donald Trump backed Dr. Mehmet Oz in an important race for the Pennsylvania Senate, and not in a good way. Many Trump supporters accept the view that Dr. Oz, like Mr. Trump, a longtime television celebrity, is not right enough moderate; among those dissatisfied is Laura Ingram of Fox News, who last night told longtime Trump confidante Kelian Conway about whether approval was a mistake or not.

Ms Conway refused to go that far, but she also did not stop defending the approval.

Read more about the implications of Mr Trump’s decision below.

Andrew Naughtie13 April 2022 10:30


The trial of the Proud Boys on January 6 was adjourned by a judge

A judge has decided to postpone the prosecution of several members of the Proud Boys for their alleged role in the January 6 riot. The case, involving former group leader Enrique Tario, revolves around a large body of evidence of men’s actions and planning before the uprising, where several members of the Proud Boys were spotted.

Mr Tario was arrested and charged last month. He and others are accused of organizing the presence of many Proud Boys in the riot, distributing “paramilitary equipment and supplies” to potential rebels, and finally “directing, mobilizing, and leading” members of the group in the Capitol itself during the riot.

Andrew Naughtie13 April 2022 10:01


How Donald Trump gave investigators a break by moving to Florida

Donald Trump has long sought to portray various legal investigations into his cases as politically motivated witch hunts, and has begun several futile legal actions to stop them. Among the investigations is one of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, which is investigating allegations that the Trump Organization has inflated property values, lied in official documents, evaded taxes, deceived banks and prosecuted mafia tactics since the early 2000s. , as two prosecutors withdrew from it in disappointment – but it seems that Mr Trump himself may have given investigators a little rope.

Officials in New York typically have five years from the date of the alleged crimes to bring charges for most crimes, but Mr. Trump’s move to Florida, which became permanent in 2020, could give employees an additional five years.

Josh Marcus has the story:

Andrew Naughtie13 April 2022 09:33


Marjorie Taylor Green blames gun control for the Brooklyn shooting

Marjorie Taylor Green has accused gun control of preventing Brooklyn subway victims from defending themselves against an active shooter. A Republican congresswoman used the shooting to challenge gun laws after at least 29 people were injured in the attack. “With the strict gun control laws in New York, how many innocent people were carrying guns when the bad guy with the gun broke existing laws and started shooting at people?” She tweeted.

Stuti Mishra13 April 2022 09:00


The Tennessee senator scoffs that he wants a wall on “our” border

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn entertained more than a few of her followers on Twitter on Tuesday when she insisted her residents wanted a wall on “our” border, apparently given the U.S. border with Mexico.

The state of the Republican legislature is not near the southern border of the United States with Mexico; as such, her insistence that state residents support the construction of a border wall has led to mocking questions from consumers about what Mrs. Blackburn’s beef is with Alabama, one of its southern neighbors.

Stuti Mishra13 April 2022 08:20


Georgia’s Republican governor has signed a bill to ease gun control

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp wants to ease arms control during the by-elections there by proposing to remove the requirement that Georgians be allowed to carry a concealed handgun in public.

Mr Kemp, who became nationally famous in 2018 in part through a TV commercial showing him brandishing a rifle against an actor playing a suitor to one of his daughters, signed Bill 319 in the Senate on Tuesday.

It immediately allows unauthorized transfers to Georgia, making it the 25th state with such a law and the 10th to be added in the last two years.

Stuti Mishra13 April 2022 07:47


The Justice Department denies details of a panel in Trump’s investigation

The Justice Department has rejected a request this week from the House of Representatives oversight committee to reveal the contents of recordings made by former President Donald Trump at his Florida residence after leaving the White House, the Associated Press reported.

The move could serve as a setback for Democrats in the House of Representatives’ oversight and reform committee, as it intensified the investigation into Mr. Trump’s work with sensitive and even classified information during his time as president and after leaving the White House. . It remains unclear what the consequences of the commission’s decision, which was announced in March, could be.

The Justice Department’s decision is part of an effort to protect confidential information that could compromise the ongoing investigation, according to the person who is not authorized to discuss the matter by name and has spoken to the AP on condition of anonymity.

Stuti Mishra13 April 2022 07:00


An Ohio man blames Trump for storming the Capitol

Mentions of Donald Trump were rare in the first few trials of people accused of storming the US Capitol, but that has changed: the last Capitol riot accused to stand trial blames his actions on the former president and his false allegations of stolen elections.

Dustin Byron Thompson, an Ohio man accused of stealing a coat rack from the Capitol, does not deny that he joined the mob on January 6, 2021. But his lawyer promised on Tuesday to show that Mr. Trump abused his power to “authorize” an attack.

Describing Mr Trump as a man without scruples or integrity, lawyer Samuel Shamansky said the former president was involved in a “sinister” conspiracy to encourage Mr Thompson and other supporters to “do his dirty work”.

Stuti Mishra13 April 2022 06:30