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Atletico Madrid can face UEFA after ugly scenes against Manchester City in the Champions League match | Football news

Atletico Madrid may face UEFA’s action as a result of a series of hotspots that overshadowed their Champions League match against Manchester City on Wednesday night.

The Spanish champions left the race after a 0-0 draw by Wanda Metropolitano, which led to a 1-0 victory for Man City, but clashes on the field and in the tunnel after the match between the two sets of players overshadowed the understanding.

The Atletico players did not restrain their attitude towards their colleagues from Man City, and Phil Foden was left in need of treatment for a head injury after a strong challenge from Felipe at the beginning of the first half.

The Atletico defender later received a second yellow card for kicking out the same player, before his teammate Stefan Savic – a former Man City player – caused a fight when he tried to get Foden out while lying injured.

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Spanish football journalist Alvaro Montero gives Spain’s reaction to Atletico Madrid’s performance against Manchester City in the Champions League.

Savic continued to hit Rahim Stirling with his head and pulled Jack Greelish’s hair during the same incident, but both field officials and the VAR chose not to fire Atletico’s central defender.

The ugly scenes continued after the final referee signal, with footage showing the mood continuing to dissipate as players headed for the tunnel. Sime Versalco, Atletico’s unused reserve, was seen throwing a bottle in the direction of Americk Laporte as police reportedly rushed to calm the scene.

While referee Daniel Siebert issued only one red card in the night, another penalty may follow, with UEFA saying it will wait to receive reports from the referee and the match delegate before deciding whether to initiate disciplinary proceedings.

The governing body of European football may appoint an inspector of ethics and discipline to fully investigate the incident.

“UEFA has to think a lot after a nasty fight”

Image: Fernandinho intervenes between Diego Simeone and Riyad Marez at the end of the match

Ben Ransom, Sky Sports News reporter in Madrid

“During the construction we were very focused on the styles. Guardiola talked about the aggression he expected before the match, but I think he expected it to be a little less than we saw last night because it’s boiling. .

“There were a few points. The first time we saw it really sucks on the field was the melee that erupted after the collision with Phil Foden, Felipe was eventually kicked out. Stefan Savic, the former Man City player, got involved. There were footage of him pulling Jack Greenish’s hair, he stuck his head in another player.

“I can’t remember being in a game where there were so many players involved in such a fight and it was physical. It was pretty nasty and lasted so long.

“Usually everything dies down pretty quickly and there are often a lot more peacekeepers – it wasn’t like that last night. I think he just got to the point where Atletico’s disappointment really boils over.

“It all started again in the tunnel. From my point of view, the players were chased down there and the guards did their best not to throw things at them from Atletico Madrid fans.

“And then just as they were out of sight, you can see them coming together again, the police rushed to separate them in the tunnel. So UEFA has to think a lot.”

Pep: Atletico can play as they please Simeone: Some praise us with contempt

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has denied criticizing Diego Simeone’s style of play after Atletico Madrid’s boss suggested they were praised “with contempt”

Pep Guardiola refused to criticize Atletico’s approach after the match and instead insisted that he was always positive about Simeone’s tactics and that the former Argentine midfielder could set up his team in a way he liked.

In response to Spanish reporters, the Man City manager said: “You were the one who said that Simeone’s cycle was always the same, you were three or four months ago. That’s what you said when they weren’t winning matches. It was you, don’t put it on me.

“I have always said good things about the club and the team. El Cholo [Diego Simeone] he can play as he pleases, nothing else. “

Speaking after leaving his country, Simeone said he felt people had praised Atletico’s style with “contempt”.

“I have no reason to comment on whether anyone is saying good or bad things,” Simeone said. “Often those who have a rich vocabulary are very smart and can praise you with contempt.

“But those of us who may not have that much vocabulary, we’re not stupid either.”

Simeone also denied witnessing any of the scenes in the tunnel, saying: “I did not see him. I stayed on the field, applauded the fans and said hello to everyone on the field. So by the time I got upstairs, everyone was gone. “

Koke erupted against City, “a waste of time” Stones is proud of his teammates from City

Atletico captain Koke defended his team’s antics during the visit to Man City and instead reflected on what he considered a waste of time by Guardiola’s team.

“The match drives you crazy when you see that you have a chance and they fall to the ground and waste time,” Koke said.

“We have been criticized many times for this situation, but today it was them. Let’s see what people think about this. Today we saw, we are Atletico de Madrid and I am proud of this team.

“I’m proud of my teammates for their efforts. I have nothing to blame the team for. I’m proud of everyone and the fans who lost were left to applaud us after the game. This is Atletico.”

Image: Man City players celebrate their qualifying achievement

Manchester City defender John Stones, meanwhile, acknowledged that the mass brawl at the end of the match was “not pleasant to talk about”, but welcomed his team’s reaction to the Athletes’ actions.

“We know they sometimes try to make things happen that way, and I think we’ve done very well,” Stones said. “It’s not good to talk about it. I don’t want to dwell on that, because in two games we played amazingly against such an experienced team in what they do.

“I am so proud of the boys for controlling our nerves. It’s so easy to be involved in such things. I am so happy that we ended a great night.

“We definitely knew it wasn’t easy to come. This is my first time here and it’s in a hostile environment. It was a difficult night everywhere, but how we defended ourselves and how we controlled ourselves was amazing.”

Stones also suggested that Foden, who was the victim of both Felipe yellow cards, was a target for the Athletes.

Image: Phil Foden was in a stable treatment in the Manchester City match away to Atletico Madrid

“[They started] early doors, “Stones said of Athletes’ attitude toward Foden.” Phil was such a threat in both games, especially when he first entered the game, an immediate impact.

“Then in that game he climbed us up the field and won us yards. He was exceptional. He feels it after the game now.”

How the newspapers reacted to the collapse of Atletico

The night Atletico Madrid withdrew from the Champions League after a hostile draw, the British media criticized Simeone’s team for their actions.

Daily Mirror sports writer Mike Walters wrote on Twitter on Wednesday night: “Imagine you support a team led by Simeone, including Felipe and Savic, and you actually want them to win. What a bunch of animals.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail football writer Jack Gogan, who was at Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, described the athletes’ actions as “truly disgraceful”, while Martin Samuel of the same newspaper called the Spanish side “sick losers”.

TalkSPORT presenter Adrian Durham added on Twitter: “Simeone’s athletes are completely illegal. I’m glad they came out, “while writer Paul Hayward added. Savic and Felipe: awful. “

However, there was a drastically different reaction to Atletico’s performance in Spanish newspapers on Thursday morning, where Simeone’s team was praised for their performance.

Marca went with the title “heart without a prize”, adding “Atletico tried to the end against a team from City that does not play for anything”, while AS wrote “the great Atletico was one step away from forcing extra time against the City.”

In his assessments of the players, Marca also said that “the world needs a leader like Savic”.