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Boris Johnson partygate news: Tory MP tells prime minister to hold no-confidence vote if party suffers disaster in local elections

Tory MP says Boris Johnson must resign after “breaking the law he introduced”

A senior Tory MP has said that Boris Johnson should vote in favor if the May local elections turn out to be bad for the Conservatives as a result of the party scandal.

This comes as the prime minister reportedly will receive three more police fines for violating the law by attending parties to block Downing Street.

Tobias Eloud told BBC Radio 4’s Today program that Mr Johnson “owes money to the parliamentary party, after the reports are over and the local elections have allowed for public opinion the election is going badly. ”

Police will punish the prime minister for attending the departure of his former communications director, Lee Kane, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The November 13 event is “considered the most serious violation of coronavirus regulations among the events attended by the prime minister,” an unnamed source told the newspaper.


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Cabinet Minister: It does not matter how many times the Prime Minister is fined

Boris Johnson must remain prime minister, no matter how many times he is fined for violating Covid laws, a cabinet minister said.

Simon Hart, secretary of Wales, said “the principle is the same if it’s one or five” when asked how many party fines would be “too many”.

“It doesn’t make a difference to me,” he told LBC. “Others will take a different view.”

Mr Hart is out on the show this morning, defending Mr Johnson and his response to the Partygate scandal.

More comments from the Secretary of State below:

Mat Matters April 14, 2022 10:01


ICYMI: The Minister of Justice resigns in response to Partygate’s No. 10 attitude

Boris Johnson’s battle to stay in power has been marred by the resignation of a justice minister, who has warned that the scale and nature of congestion rules on Downing Street’s coronavirus are incompatible with the rule of law.

Conservative colleague David Wolfson said he had “no choice” but to resign on Wednesday over “repeated violations of the rules and criminal law of Downing Street”.

Mat Matters April 14, 2022 09:42 h


Johnson will receive three more fines

According to reports, Boris Johnson could receive three more fines for violating Covid laws.

Government sources told The Guardian that reports of fixed sentences could come from events not yet fully investigated by the Met Police.

The Daily Mirror has a similar story today, which says things will get worse for the prime minister when lawmakers return from the Easter holidays.

Mat Matters April 14, 2022 09:25


Former Lord Chancellor says government “cannot be interested in law”

Former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer told the LBC this morning: “30-50 people are receiving fixed sentences, including the head of the Covid-19 working group, including the head of ethics and the prime minister – an organization that cannot be interested in the law.

“And this is the message that should make him leave, and I noticed that is why the Minister of Justice – the only serious lawyer in the government – has left.”

Mariam Zakir-Hussein April 14, 2022 09:08


Boris Johnson tries to divert attention from breaking Partygate law with Rwanda plan, Tory MP says

Boris Johnson is trying to distract the public from breaking the blockade law with an eye-catching immigration message, a Conservative MP said.

The prime minister is expected to give a speech on Thursday outlining details of a policy that would allow refugees seeking asylum in Britain to fly thousands of miles to a landlocked African country.

But the moment of the announcement raised eyebrows, coming just days after the prime minister received his first fine for violating the rules for blocking his own birthday party on Downing Street, writes our political correspondent John Stone.

Mariam Zakir-Hussein April 14, 2022 08:54


The Welsh secretary says there is a difference between “misleading and deliberately misleading” Partygate

There is a difference between “misleading and deliberate deception,” the Welsh secretary said.

Simon Hart told Sky News: “We heard all this with Tony Blair and the Iraq war, if you remember, the weapons of mass destruction? And then there was the assumption that he had deceived Parliament.

“That was the proposal, and the debate was everywhere whether it was intentional or accidental.”

Speaking about the fact that the Prime Minister was observing 50 violations of the law, Mr Hart said: “I don’t know where you got 50 from.”

Sky News presenter Kay Burley explained: “Because 50 notices have already been issued. So, 50 times someone broke the law on Downing Street.

Mr Hart replied: “You know more about this than I do”, adding: “We cannot speculate on an investigation that is incomplete”.

Mariam Zakir-Hussein April 14, 2022 08:45


The shadow cabinet minister says the prime minister is on a “sinking boat”

Labor MP Lucy Powell said the government’s announcement to send asylum seekers to Rwanda was “less about working with small boats and more about dealing with the prime minister’s own sinking boat” as a distraction from the party’s scandal.

The shadow cabinet minister told BBC Radio 4’s Today: “This is a very desperate attempt by the prime minister to divert attention from breaking the law, and I don’t think there will be many of your listeners who would not accept it with a great deal of skepticism.

“This is a plan that may sound good in a focus group and will certainly grab the headlines because it is very controversial and contested – but in reality it is unfeasible, expensive and unethical.

“Ultimately, this will cost us a lot more money in the long run and will not deal with the problems of the very, very bad decision-making that is happening in the Ministry of Interior.

“It will not do anything to deal with the fact that we do not have return agreements, which is part of the problem of lagging behind in the system.

“So I say again that I think it’s less about working with small boats and more about dealing with the sinking of the prime minister’s boat.

Mariam Zakir-Hussein April 14, 2022 08:37


Welsh Secretary Simon Hart told Sky News that people who are fined for partying should not lose their jobs “automatically”.

He said this morning: “My view is that people who receive a fixed notice of punishment should not automatically expect to be fired at the same time.

The Tory MP added: “I do not want to justify myself or justify myself.

“I have to take my fair share of the blame for this, we all have to raise our hands.”

Mariam Zakir-Hussein April 14, 2022 08:27


Tory senior MP says prime minister must vote no confidence if local elections fail in May

Tobias Eloud said Boris Johnson should vote no confidence if the May local election went badly for the Conservatives, adding that Vladimir Putin could “exploit” the prime minister’s image as a lawbreaker after fines for the party.

Mr Elwood, a Tory MP who is also chairman of the Municipal Defense Committee, told BBC Radio 4’s Today program: “We would like to see the United Kingdom as a beacon of democracy, an example on the world stage.

“So it’s a worrying turning point for me when we lose sight of these high standards, because, ironically, they are being eroded all over the world.

“I mean, let’s go back to Ukraine, something Putin will no doubt use – how can a legislator be a lawbreaker?” That’s not a good look. “

Mr Elwood added: “I think the Prime Minister has made his intentions clear – he wants to stay – but this is bigger than the Prime Minister.

“This is the reputation of the party, which all colleagues must defend, and I think he owes it to the parliamentary party, after the reports are over and the local elections have allowed public opinion to be taken into account, to agree to hold its own vote. trust if this election goes badly. “

Mariam Zakir-Hussein April 14, 2022 08:02