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California-based 9-year-old Ava Hruniak shoots Mall of Victor Valley in anticipation of seeing the Easter Bunny

A 9-year-old girl who was shot dead in a mall in California on Tuesday night was hit by three random bullets while waiting in line to see an Easter bunny, police and relatives said.

Little Ava Khrunyak was hit by bullets allegedly fired by 20-year-old Markel Cochrell, owner of a shoe store at the Mall of Victor Valley, who targeted two thieves he chased, police said. grandmother.

“Cockrell’s shots missed the thieves and instead hit the 9-year-old victim,” a statement from the Victorville Police Department said.

Ava has received a broken arm, according to a GoFundMe page that raises money for her hospital bills.

Ava is said to be in stable condition and smiled broadly at the camera in her hospital bed in a photo posted online.

“No child deserves this, she was in the mall, going for Easter photos with the bunny, who was such a sweet and loving girl and loves to read her books,” her mother Natalie wrote on the fundraising page.

Cockrell was arrested after fleeing to Nevada after the shooting, police said. He faces charges of attempted murder.

Marqel Cockrell was arrested after fleeing to Nevada after the shooting – as he will now face charges of attempted murder. Police teams and an AP ambulance stand in front of the Mall of Victor Valley on April 12, 2022 after the shooting that wounded Ava Chruniak.Fox 11 Los Angeles

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