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Indian man dies of self-immolation after boss asks for sex with wife in exchange for transfer

A man in India has died of self-immolation after his boss reportedly asked to have sex with his wife in exchange for a move.

Gokul Prasad, a 45-year-old technical assistant, was worried after his boss, junior engineer Nagendra Kumar, offered to handle Prasad’s transfer if he sent “his wife [over] for one night.”

Both were employed at the Palia Power Plant of Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPCL) in Lakhimpur Kerry, India.

Prasad has asked to be relocated so he can work closer to home and not travel as much, according to his wife.

On April 9, Prasad continued to flood his body with diesel fuel and set himself on fire in front of Kumar’s office. He was rushed to hospital, where he died of his injuries and died the next day.

Before his death, Prasad recorded a video complaining about years of harassment and abuse in the workplace, which he received from Kumar and his assistant. Prasad claims that Kumar is abusing his power and blames him and his aide for his later death.

Prasad said he reported the violence to police, but received no help and “nothing happened”.

Gokul’s wife explained that he had been harassed by Kumar and his assistant for three years before falling into “depression” while “taking medication”.

“He became depressed and started taking medication, but they did not spare him. He was transferred to Aliganj and faced difficulties in traveling. So he asked for a transfer closer to home. They told him, “Make your wife sleep with us and we will move you,” Gokul’s wife said.

She also claims that no one came to help Gokul when he set himself on fire and Kumar “stood there watching”.

Sanjay Suman, a senior police officer, said Kumar and his aide are now facing charges of incitement to suicide and deliberate provocation under the Indian Penal Code. Both have been removed from the UPCL.

“The lineman claims that the junior engineer asked for money and made vulgar statements when he asked for a transfer. We registered a case. At the department level, a junior engineer was removed and an investigation was ordered. The case was registered on charges of inciting suicide, “Suman said.

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