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An autistic teenager was found more than two years after his disappearance in California

A teenager with autism who disappeared two and a half years ago in California was found nearly 800 miles (1,287 km) in Utah.

Conrarjack Oswalt was 17 when he disappeared from his family’s home in Clearlake on September 28, 2019.

He was found by police officers Saturday sleeping in front of a store in Summit County, Utah.

The teenager, now 19, was trembling and cold when he was found, and Sheriff Justin Martinez said he seemed to have lived on the street for about two weeks.

Connerjack’s family has been looking for him since he disappeared, even moving back to his hometown of Idaho Falls.

“We will follow all hints of something that remotely resembles him,” said his stepfather, Gerald Flint. “It was a nightmare.”

His mother, Susan Flint, said, “I never stopped looking for him. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t look for him in some form or way.”

After police found Connorjack, they asked him to sit in their patrol car while they took his fingerprints.

An unfulfilled warrant was found in Nevada in February, but Mr Martinez said officials believed there was “something beyond the penalty”.

“There was a humanitarian effort that needed to be further explored,” he added.

Officers searched for missing children and found the 2019 Connerjack report, which they compared to the man they found.

Initially, the Flints were worried that their son had been found dead when their employees called.

Mrs. Flint confirmed her identity by birthmark.

“Everyone in the room was in tears. They went beyond everything, put in hours of work, “Mr Flint said.

“They could have rejected it, but they didn’t, and that made everything different in the world.”