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News of Queen Elizabeth – Eugenie reveals that she “played a HUGE role” in Harry and Megan Windsor’s meeting with the Monarch

Megan and Harry’s body language analyzed in the Invictus games

An expert on body language claims that Prince Harry has shown “awe and humility” in the Invictus games so far.

Speaking about their body language at the event so far, body language expert Judy James said: “Harry’s facial expression says it all.

“His outspoken wrinkling of his eyes and tilting of his head as he smiles suggests a return to the cause and the people he loves, while his hand-held clasp hints at a little trepidation and humility during this first public appearance for a while.

“Harry is also working on his wedding ring here, which seems to signal how important the support of his wife and family is still for him.

“It’s a gesture of partial barrier and partial self-consolation, which shows the ongoing relationship between him and his wife Megan.

“His hand is on it in the clasp, hinting at such a desire to lead and protect, as we saw during their first public appearance many years before.”

Speaking to MailOnline, she added: “Megan’s hand has been raised in a gesture of obedience, and the way Harry puts his other hand in his pants pocket suggests a desire to look casual and confident.

“Megan’s suit with white pants may be more sophisticated than the torn jeans and boyfriend’s shirt she was wearing at the time, but the gesture of her hand on her heart signals a desire to show the audience’s constant love.