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North Korea: Kim Jong Un watches test of new “tactical weapon” World news

North Korea is testing a new type of tactical guided weapon, which it says is “of great importance.”

The dictator of the isolated state, Kim Jong Un, watched the test and was presented shining as generals clapped behind him.

North Korean state media did not say when the test took place and did not give details about the missile.

But the South Korean military said it had found two shells fired from the coastal city of Hamhung early Saturday night.

The shells flew about 68 miles (110 km) at a maximum speed of less than Mach 4.

Image: North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un smiles as generals clap behind him

North Korean state media said Kim Jong Un had “given important instructions for further building the country’s defense capacity and nuclear forces.”

It adds: “The new tactical guided weapons system … is of great importance for drastically improving the firepower of long-range artillery units and increasing the effectiveness of tactical nuclear weapons.

The incident comes ahead of expected joint military exercises by South Korea and the United States.

On Saturday, the US 2nd Infantry Division, based in South Korea, shared photos of troops testing a missile system with multiple launches, although it was not clear when the exercises took place.

US Special Representative Sung Kim is due to visit Seoul on Monday for a five-day visit to discuss the response to the North’s recent rocket launches with his South Korean counterparts.

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1:08 Kim Jong Un enjoys a parade in North Korea

North Korea celebrated Kim Jong Un’s grandfather’s birthday party on Friday, but state media did not show military equipment on display.

However, satellite imagery shows that preparations have been made in recent weeks for a parade of missiles and other military equipment.

They can be shown on April 25, when the country celebrates the anniversary of the founding of the North Korean army.