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Prime Minister “leads celebrations” on Downing Street, leaving a party during the blockade

Labor has called Boris Johnson’s participation in the partygate saga “indefensible” as new allegations about the prime minister’s behavior emerged.

The Sunday Times said Mr Johnson was expected to make a statement when lawmakers returned to the municipality on Tuesday, where he would not deny violations but would point to the wider context, including the war in Ukraine.

But the newspaper also revealed new allegations that Mr Johnson not only attended the departure of his former head of the press, but also led the celebrations.

This comes after Mr Johnson, his wife Carrie and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were fined – and paid – for attending the Prime Minister’s birthday party in June 2020.

The Sunday Times reported that the prime minister’s official photographer took pictures of Mr Johnson holding a beer at the gathering and Mr Sunak having a soft drink.

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But Mr Johnson is believed to have attended at least six of the 12 events investigated by metropolitan police for violating Covid’s rules, and is prepared for new fines that could potentially come.

One of those involved in Operation Hillman is leaving his job for former Communications Director No. 10, Lee Kane, on November 13, 2020.

A source suggested to the Sunday Times that it started when the press center was drinking to end the week, but turned into a party after the prime minister arrived, poured drinks and gave a speech.

The newspaper said that source number 10 did not deny the characteristics of the gathering, but denied that Mr. Johnson was the instigator.

The Sunday Mirror said number 10 refused to answer questions about the birthday gathering sent through a request for freedom of information for reasons of national security.

Downing Street declined to comment and has repeatedly said it would not comment until the police investigation is complete.

Deputy Labor leader Angela Raynor said: “While the British public was making huge sacrifices, Boris Johnson was breaking the law.

“If the latest reports are correct, it would mean that not only did the prime minister attend the parties, but he also took part in organizing at least one of them. He deliberately deceived the British people at every turn.

“The prime minister has humiliated his cabinet. The British deserve better. While Labor has a plan to tackle the cost of living crisis, Tory MPs are too busy defending Boris Johnson’s defenseless actions.

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