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Weather in United Kingdom: unexpectedly warm temperatures for Easter weekend will end | Weather in the United Kingdom

Monday is expected to herald a drop in temperatures and rain in some parts of the UK at the end of an unusually warm Easter weekend.

Temperatures were expected to reach their highest teens on Sunday, with the possibility of even higher in the south, after Good Friday was the warmest day of the year so far, with 23.4C recorded at St James’s Park in London – more warm from Ibiza.

But more cloudy skies were expected in the west on Sunday with rainstorms in Northern Ireland and Western Scotland, which were slowly emerging in the east in a week, which, according to the UK Meteorological Service, will lead to a return to normal weather in April. when the average temperature is about 12 ° C.

He predicts that temperatures will begin to fall from Easter Monday with scattered rainfall and clouds during the week.

Marco Petagna, a senior meteorologist at the Meteorological Service, said the rain would come from the west at night, which would “weaken” as it walked, so the east could stay dry.

“The idea is that temperatures are gradually dropping every day for the next few days in the UK,” he said.

“The further south and southeast you go, the better your chances of staying well again, but [it will be] a little cooler [on Monday] at 19 in the southeast, low to medium teenagers elsewhere. “

Pollen levels – which are high in most parts of the country, causing misery to people with hay fever – will begin to decline in many areas from Monday onwards, and Petanya said Easter Monday may be the last of dry, bright weather. for the week that observed moderate levels of ultraviolet rays with “strong sun now, as in August.”

He said: “There may be some rain on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially in the south of the United Kingdom. And then the second half of the week is when the east wind develops, more like clouds invading from the east with a few rainy places, but still very relatively dry weather.

“But the trend is certainly to lower temperatures a bit, so by Thursday we’ll be back to low local averages.”

The warm weather over the weekend, combined with the fact that it was the first Easter with no two-year blockade, meant many people headed to the coast, with Bournemouth attracting some of the biggest crowds of the year and coastal car parks in Cornwall as well. they were full of vacationers.

People returning from weekend breaks have been advised by the RAC to travel before 10.30 am or after 6.30 pm on Easter Monday to avoid queues.