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Joe Biden accused Vladimir Putin of genocide

When Alexei Navalny came out of a coma caused by the Novice poisoning, Vladimir Putin’s most effective opponent somehow managed to see the funny side of his death rubbish, writes Gordon Raynor.

“What —-? It’s so stupid,” he said when told what had happened. “If you want to kill someone, why don’t you just shoot them?”

Navalny, who has been a political prisoner since returning to Russia last year, has an extremely strong sense of humor for a man who lives every day, knowing he may be his last.

It is this power of personality that shines in a new documentary about him, Navalny, which offers a glimpse into an alternative future for Russia, in which the country is run not by a dead-eyed killer but by a progressive, charismatic family man who relaxes playing Call of Duty and watches cartoons about Rick and Morty.

“Putin may leave tomorrow,” said Maria Pevchikh, who has actually been Navalny’s right-hand man for the past decade. “This makes Russian politics interesting – that things can really change overnight and Russia will be a completely different country.

“I hope this film introduces Alexei to the world and I’m excited because people will be able to see what he really is.”

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