Canada Post stops deliveries in downtown East Side

Canadian Post has suspended two-block mail deliveries in downtown Vancouver’s East Side on Wednesday.

According to spokeswoman Valerie Chartran, the suspension of supplies in the neighborhood was due to “safety concerns”.

The corporation did not specify what these concerns were, but said it was responsible for ensuring that the people it supplied could do their job safely.

The community has long struggled with overlapping social problems, including homelessness, poverty and the ongoing toxic drug crisis.

Chartrand says the company is working to solve the problem and create a long-term solution “that will ensure the well-being of our employees.”

Until then, affected customers living on East Hastings Street have been notified and their mail is available for pick-up at a Canadian Post office, about 2 kilometers from the area.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart also issued a statement saying the city was working to help vulnerable residents of the Downtown Eastside and with the Canadian Post to ensure that mail delivery continued.