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Josh Brolin reveals that he was almost tapped to play Batman before Ben Affleck

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Josh Brolin just made the brains of comic book fans explode – he says he was almost ready to play the Black Knight for a while … that is, until the director went with Ben Affleck instead.

The veteran actor – who already has several superhero / villain roles under his belt now as Thanos (“The Avengers”) and Cable (“Deadpool 2”) – made the revelation this week in the podcast “Happy Sad Confused” on MTV. when asked about losing the role of Batman.

Brolin confirmed … yes, Zack Snyder was actually approaching him as he headed for Batman vs. Superman – and it looks like JB was on board and ready to do so.

But, as he explains, it was Snyder who decided to go with BA in the end – which is unpleasant (for some fans), because Brolin would be more faithful to the version of Batman depicted in the film … namely, the older version of “The Dark Knight Returns” (comic).

It’s in the weeds, but Snyder has somewhat mixed up the plot lines for his 2016 film – including the one in which Batman fights Superman – and decided to hire a younger Batsy, plus discard much of this comic plot, including the fact that Superman was a government pawn.

You could say that Brolin was excited about the prospect of wearing a cloak and hood … and even yelling at George Clooney about his character’s turn, no matter how annoyed.

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– Variety (@Variety) April 15, 2022 @Variety

Here’s the good news … Brolin could actually get a second bite of the apple here – assuming someone from the recently merged Discovery-Warner listens. Many changes are on the horizon … including the Discovery Hon, which reportedly wants to revise the DCEU.

This includes revisiting and reviving the main characters (like Superman) and maybe further … maybe Batman again. Robert Pattinson seems to be in the lead for now – but if Discovery wants to take another swing in “TDR”, Brolin could be their man.

As we said, Brolin has a resume to support him on the Marvel front … so time will tell if DC wants to attract him in the end. FWIW, it looks totally a game – so why not!