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Cleethorpes beach donkey torn by a lead dog

One of Cleethorpes’ well-known beach donkeys was left with large sores on his face after being bitten by a dog.

Benny was resting in the field with the other donkeys on Thursday, April 14, around 5:30 p.m., when a couple and their three dogs approached him. As one of the dogs approached Benny, they bit his face and locked their jaws, causing a deep cut.

It appears that the video surveillance footage shows one of the dog’s owners hitting him with the reins to make him release his bite, and then the couple can be seen moving away. Benny is now recovering after his self-esteem dropped after the accident.

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17-year-old manager Lily Wade said she was disappointed and upset by the incident, but was just happy that Benny was not very badly injured. She said: “We believe there is a couple walking along a donkey field in Thorpe Park with three dogs and the donkeys approached them to say hello and be petted.

“The owners took the dogs to the fence and the dogs started jumping on the fence several times and you can see the owners trying to pull one of them, but it stayed on the fence. The dog can then be seen jumping and grabbing Benny’s nose, and then Benny tries to pull away. Dog owners then continue to hit their dog on the head with the leash to take it off.

(Image: Lily Wade)

Lily and her family received a call from a witness who told them to get off the paddock immediately. She said: “All the donkeys were in good condition when we finally got off there. It was quite a deep cut when we first saw him, but luckily he stopped bleeding now. The attack also left bite marks all over the right side of Benny’s nose, and he was lucky he didn’t need stitches. “

Lily said it was a very worrying time for her and her family, who own donkeys, and the whole ordeal upset her a lot. She explained: “It saddens me and I find it awful how they can just leave and leave Benny suffering with blood on his face.

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“They didn’t even report it, and it could have been a lot worse if we hadn’t been called so soon after it happened. The field is home to donkeys and they need to feel safe there. As a result, Benny’s confidence is compromised, so we just watch him to make sure he’s okay. People suggested we put up an electric fence, but the field is a big attraction for the people in Thorpe Park, and it wouldn’t be fair to the kids if we stopped them from petting donkeys. “

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