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Georgia’s Jacob Muse arrested for killing gun owners Tommy, Evelyn, Alexander Hawk

A man was arrested Friday for the triple murder of two gun owners in Georgia and their visiting grandson earlier this month.

Columbus College’s 21-year-old Jacob Christian Muse has been charged with three counts of malicious murder in the April 8 shooting at Lock, Stock & Barrel shooting range in Grantville, investigators said.

Muse allegedly killed Tommy Richard Hawk Sr. and Evelyn Hawk, both 75, and their grandson Alexander Luke Hawk, 17, before stealing up to 40 weapons and a surveillance camera.

Investigators from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Grantville Police Department have announced the arrest of the suspected killer.

Richard Hawk, the couple’s son and the teenager’s father, called police after his parents did not return from work on the day of the deadly robbery.

“Get some cops out of the range,” he told a 911 dispatcher, according to 11 Alive.

“I think someone robbed us and probably shot my family, oh my God,” he continued.

Tommy Richard Hawk Sr., Evelyn Hawk and Alexander Luke Hawk were killed on April 8 at the Lock, Stock & Barrel shooting range in Grantville. Twitter, @ JBellamyTV / 11Alive News April 2022 in Coweta County, Georgia.AP

“The door is closed, the door is locked, everything is locked. I see blood coming from my son – I see blood coming from my son. I can’t say if someone is dead or alive or what, but he doesn’t move, he doesn’t look like he’s breathing.

Relatives of the victims told the newspaper that the family was praying for the killer.

“We pray for the redemption of the perpetrators who have done this terrible thing, and our prayers are with them so that they too can find forgiveness. That’s the kind of person they are (Tommy, Evelyn and Luke), “Luke’s uncle Ron Whitlock said before their funeral on Wednesday.