“My father is a hero”: a man from BC fights the cougar to save his daughter’s dog

A plumber from Grand Forks, British Columbia, won the title of “hero” from his daughter after battling a cougar that attacked his dog this month.

Ian Orser and his daughter Megan were with their three dogs at work east of the Kutenai community on April 9 when it happened.

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“Suddenly I heard that noise, a dog shouting and a cat screaming,” Orser told Global News. “At first I thought it was a dog fight.

The situation turned out to be much more serious.

“Megan ran to where the noise was and the cougar had dragged her dog across the alley on the other side of the alley and by that time she had grabbed him by the head,” he said.

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“Number one, I was worried about the dog and, of course, my daughter is there, so if she’s a cougar, it’s pretty scary.

0:22 Conservation Service issues warning after cougar dog attack Conservation service issues warning after cougar dog attack – April 1, 2022

Orser set off, rushing at the animal and kicking it several times in the head, prompting the cat to release Megan’s nine-year-old Shepard Cross.

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“He looked at me, didn’t attack me or anything, I grabbed a stick and started shaking the stick around, hitting the ground, looking as big as possible, and he walked away,” Orser said.

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Orsors loaded their dogs back into their trucks and rushed into town to find a veterinarian.

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Orser said he saw the cougar on the alley off-site again and aimed at it with the truck, but the animal escaped.

In total, Red needs about 20 stitches for stab wounds to his back, neck, chest and both legs.

1:40 BC woman in stable condition after cougar attack near Harrison Lake BC woman in stable condition after cougar attack near Harrison Lake – May 4, 2021

She is now being treated with antibiotics and painkillers, and Orser said she is “recovering” and playing with their other dogs again.

The cougar, he said, was euthanized by the BC Conservation Service.

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His staff called the next day to say they had found the animal’s footprints and found it, and that it was an older, thinner man in “pretty rough shape,” he said.

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Megan told Global News that she is happy that her dog is at home and safe.

“My father is a hero,” she said. “He saved my dog’s life. He is very brave. “

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