Canadian Post Deliveries Suspended in Downtown Vancouver East Side Due to Security Concerns – BC News

Mail has been suspended for security

The Canadian Press – April 13, 2022 / 18:13 | History: 365994

Photo: Google Street View

East downtown Vancouver

The Canadian Post said it had temporarily suspended the delivery of two-block mail in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside due to security concerns.

Spokesman Valerie Chartran said in a statement that the federal corporation Crown was working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible and find a long-term solution “that will ensure the well-being of our employees.”

It says customers affected on East Hastings Street have been notified and their mail can be picked up from a Canadian Post office about two miles from the area.

The statement said Canada’s post office was responsible for ensuring that providers who visited hundreds of addresses each day could do their job safely.

The Canadian Post did not specify the exact nature of the security concerns.

In a statement, Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart said the city is working with the Canada Post to ensure mail delivery continues and is also working to help vulnerable residents of Downtown Eastside.