TikTok is testing a private dislike button for comments

China’s TikTok short video app is testing a private dislike button for comments, and users can mark comments they find “inappropriate or inappropriate” without resentment. “We have begun testing a way to allow people to identify comments they deem inappropriate or inappropriate,” the company said in a statement late Wednesday.

“This feedback from the community will add to the set of factors we are already using to keep the comments section up to date and a place for real engagement,” TikTok said.

The dislike button will appear in addition to the option to report a comment for violations of the Community Guidelines.

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TikTok said it removed more than 85 million videos between October and December 2021 for violations – almost 1% of all videos uploaded to the platform.

The company said that the dislike button is not seen as a way to report comments and that users should instead use the standard process for reporting comments on harassment, hate speech, harassment, etc.

Social media consultant Matt Navarra first noticed the TikTok dislike button earlier this year. YouTube, owned by Google, now offers a thumb-down button for comments, while Reddit offers a down-vote button for comments. Twitter is also experimenting with a private withdrawal button.

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